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Nothing but love, originally uploaded by gealouxy.

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We don't make mistakes here, we just have happy accidents. - Bob Ross, originally uploaded by gealouxy.

We don't make mistakes here, we just have happy accidents.
- Bob Ross

No, she's definitely planned.

The shot, however, is a happy accident.

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Stuff, at 34

Today, I turn 34. To be honest, I don't feel any different than I did yesterday when I was a young 33 year old. Ok, maybe I noticed that my back is a little on the achy side when I woke up this morning. And, when I tried on my brand-spanking-new Jimmy Choo heels last night, I swear I felt a bit of vertigo. But, that could all be coincidence. Surely, 34 does not make old. Right?

Oh, who am I kidding. I've been approaching old since I turned 30. Old has embraced me. Everything started deteriorating. The hair. The skin. The boobs (if you call it that). I'm not being melodramatic. Even my siblings who love me dearest started calling me old and unhip when I turned 30. It's just a fact of life. We're all getting old and that's a fact I've come to terms with when I turned 30.

So, yeah, I'm not complaining. There are a few lines on my face here and there, and it's getting harder and harder to lose the little bit of flab I've gained through the years, but it's ok. Face creams make miracles these days and a little lipo and tummy tuck will do wonders (not that I'm considering these options, but they are available should I decide to push my vanity to another level). However, there are some things I wish for as I age another year:

So, what's the agenda for today? Well, as I write this, the hubs is busy making me some breakfast. The kid is still asleep, which means I get to stay in bed as long as she's not screaming "mommy". After breakfast, we're going shooting, then the shopping continues (the hubs took me shopping on Fri and promises to take me shopping again today), followed by dinner at Otto, unless we find a better venue.

The sun is out. It'll be a fabulous day.
And, from here on out, I intend to be fabulous at 34.

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Farewell, little angel...

To sweet little Lydia Eileen, farewell. Thank you for teaching us so many lessons in the little time you spent with us. You have touched so many lives.

Say hi to God for me.

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After 10 years of going to the Takashimaya New York, and enjoying all of my solo New York lunches at the Tea Box since my old stomping ground, Toraya, closed in 2003, I was broken-hearted to find out that they are closing their doors in June of this year.

*wipes tear*

I had lunch there on Friday and found out about this news and was truly bummed about it. I've been a regular for so long that, when I said goodbye to the maître d', she gave me a hug and made me promise to come again before they close their doors. I fully intend to do this. In fact, I might just celebrate my birthday there with people who can appreciate my love for this place.

We'll see...

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